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The Suitcase
Orton and Halliwell took three extended holidays to Morocco between May - July in 1965, 1966 and 1967. The couple also attempted to take a holiday in Libya in March 1967. Arriving at Idris Airport without any accommodation, Orton and Halliwell unsuccessfully attempted to book a room in a number of hotels before eventually taking up residence on the T.S.S ‘Carina’, an ex-German cruise ship, promoted as Libya’s ‘only floating hotel’. The holiday was a disaster, almost a scene from one of his own plays, with the couple returning to London after little more than 24 hours:

‘The taxi drew up at the flat and we both stumbled out – home again after a day trip to Tripoli’.
Orton Diary, 1967.

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Orton diary excerpt © The Orton Estate



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