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'In Group' Photograph by Lichfield - July 1967

Back row (left to right): Susannah York, Peter.S.Cook, Tom Courtenay & Twiggy. Centre row (left to right): Joe Orton and Michael Fish. Front row (left to right): Miranda Chiu & Lucy Fleming

'I went on to a house in Aubrey Walk W8 to be photographed for Queen magazine. It was all very bright. A lot of clever and attractive young people. A young man said, "We're doing the 'goodies' today". "What do you mean?" I said. He showed me a photograph to be included in the same issue as ours. It was of a group of about eight people - including Nicholas Tomalin and Kathy McGowan. "They're the baddies," he said. "That'll be on the opposite page to yours." They're going to contrast various sets of people. The rest of my group were soon assembled, Tom Courtenay, Lucy Fleming, Susannah York and a Chinese girl, and a young man wearing a gold coat and a male mini-skirt. "Do you go around in that all the time?" I said. "No," he said,
"I changed upstairs." After the photographs were taken we sat in a rather nice room. I drank lemonade. And then I went home.'
Orton Diary Tuesday 18th July 1967

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