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On 9 August 2017, actors, writers and comedians gathered at The Little Theatre, Leicester, to celebrate the life, work and legacy of Joe Orton 50 years after his death.
Find out more about the event and the Edna Welthorpe project - including new Edna Welthorpe letters at

Follow the links below to video interviews about Orton
An interview with Alec Baldwin here
An interview with Frances Barber here
An interview with Graham Fellows (aka John Shuttleworth) here
You can find other interviews with actors, writers and directors here

Entertaining Mr Sloane - 50th Anniversary Celebration!
June 2014 - University of Leicester
In summer 2014. Leicester University, which holds the Joe Orton Archive, hosted a day of screenings, talks and readings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first play, Entertaining Mr Sloane.

Recordings of speakers at the event are now available via the University's Sound Cloud account. More details here

LIsten to Joe Orton in 1967 on the BBC here
Extract from the BBC Sound Archives where you can hear Joe speaking to Roland Orton about his childhood and early career, his time in prison and his views on Shakespeare.

Dear Diary - The Orton Diaries: Extract from the BBC Four documentary Dear Diary with Richard E Grant, first broadcast in 2010. Richard talks with Joe Orton's sister, Leonie, about her long-held belief that Orton's confessional diary was actually responsible for him losing his life. Watch here

BBC World Service Archive: Episode of arts programme ‘Meridian’ on Joe Orton, first broadcast in 1992. You will need to sign into the BBC World Service to hear the programme. Listen here

A Genius like Us
View extract from the Arena documentary
Wonderful extract from a 1982 BBC Arena documentary about Joe, shown in September 2007 as part of BBC 4's Hidden Lives season. Features a section about the defaced Islington library books.

Read about the 1984-5 production of Loot, starring Leonard Rossiter as Inspector Truscott here
Comprehensive site dedicated to the late Leonard Rossiter, including this wonderful descripton of his last performances in Loot, reviews of the performance and interviews with cast and director.

Read extracts from an interview with Joe by Barry Hanson, featured in the programme notes of Peter Gill's Royal Court production of The Erpingham Camp and The Ruffian on the Stair (Crimes of Passion) June 1967 here
From the programme notes of Peter Gill's Royal Court production of The Erpingham Camp and The Ruffian on the Stair (Crimes of Passion) June 1967. More extracts from the programme notes on Joe's Plays here

Watch short clips of the 1968 TV version of Entertaining Mr Sloane via the BFI's Screenonline service: Joe Orton's play was produced for television by Associated Rediffusion and transmitted on 15 July, 1968. Sheila Hancock played Kath, Edward Woodward played Ed, and Clive Francis played Sloane. Kemp was played by Arthur Lovegrove. View the clips here

NB: Screenonline video and audio content is only available through registered UK schools, colleges, universities and libraries and is not available on home PC's. If your college or library is not registered they can arrange this easily via the webpage here

The Vision of Joe Orton - Read about Joe's Beatles script 'Up Against It'
on Hey Dullblog, a comprehensive Beatles Blog site here

'Remembering Joe Orton'
Read article by Charles Marowitz here
Writer, director and playwright Charles Marowitz describes his experiences working with Joe on the first London production of Loot in 1966.

'Off You Go Then'
See the film here
A DVD project about Joe Orton made by young people from the Saffron Lane Estate in Leicester, together with Soft Touch Arts.
Read more about the project here

The Disappearing Gentlemens' Lavatories of Old London
View here

Actor Dudley Sutton dedicates this hymn to the vanishing world of Gents' Lavatories to Joe. Dudley Sutton played Sloane in the 1964 production of Entertaining Mr Sloane.

THE LOOK - Adventures in Rock and Pop Fashion Blog: Prick up Your Ears
View here

THE LOOK’s blog
: all about the combustion which occurs when great music meets fantastic fashion, design and style. Here THE LOOK investigates Prick Up Your Ears, a 1978 Orton-inspired design from Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

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