Extract from manuscript of 'Between Us Girls'



Joe Orton's solo and collaborative early novels are published by Methuen in the following editions:

Lord Cucumber/The Boy Hairdresser: Joe Orton/Kenneth Halliwell
ISBN 9780413749109
The two novels in this volume mark the beginning and the end of the seven-year-long writing partnership of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell. Lord Cucumber was written in 1954 only a year after they graduated from RADA.

Between Us Girls: Joe Orton
ISBN 9780413749000
It's a hard life being a starlet, but Susan Hope is determined to make it. With an innocence untouched by events, she graduates from Soho strip clubs - and the white slave trade - to Hollywood fame, and of course she confides it all to her diary. Between Us Girls is a revealing early novel by a writer whose controversial works reflect his often scandalous life: essential reading.

Head to Toe
ISBN 9780413414601
When Gombald Proval strays on to the head of a giant one hundred miles tall, it's the start of a journey through a blackly hilarious, nightmarish world - an Alice in Wonderland for adults. As he travels down the giant's body the everyman hero is caught in a gender-bending love affair with the female Chief of Police, thrown in jail with the mysterious Doktor von Pregnant and finally enlisted in the all-out war between the inhabitants of the Left Buttock and the dwellers on the Right Buttock. Will Gombald escape these myriad perils? And if he survives to reach the Toe, what then?

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