Two of the defaced Islington Library books

1960 to 1965

1960 Orton and Halliwell write novel, The Boy Hairdresser
1961 Orton writes novel, The Vision of Gombald Proval (published in 1971 as Head to Toe)
  Orton writes play, The Visitors
1962 April: Orton and Halliwell arrested for stealing and defacing 72 library books and removing 1,653 plates from art books. Sentenced to 6 months in prison
  May – September: Orton sent to jail at HM Prison East Church in Kent and Halliwell in HM Prison Ford in Sussex
1963 August: Orton writes play, The Boy Hairdresser. Sold to BBC Third Programme and re-titled The Ruffian on the Stair
  Sept – December: Orton writes Entertaining Mr Sloane
  December: Literary agent Peggy Ramsay
takes on Orton as client
1964 At Ramsay’s suggestion, Orton uses the name ‘Joe Orton’ to distinguish himself from John Osborne
  May 6th: Entertaining Mr Sloane opens at Arts Theatre Club, London
  June 29th: Entertaining Mr Sloane transfers to
Wyndham’s Theatre
  August 31st: The Ruffian on the Stair broadcast on BBC Third Programme
  June – October: Orton writes Loot
1965 February – March: First unsuccessful production of Loot
  April: Revised version of Loot produced at University Theatre, Manchester
  May – July: Orton and Halliwell take first holiday to Tangier
  July – September: Orton writes The Erpingham Camp
  October: Entertaining Mr Sloane opens on Broadway, New York
Image: Courtesy Islington Council/The Random House Group Ltd/The Orton Estate   Text © Leicester City Council  

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