‘I didn’t have a very good time at RADA, really because I found that in the very first term I actually expected to be taught something. It was complete rubbish. I wasn’t taught anything and I learned at the end of the term that I was more enthusiastic and knew more about acting at the beginning of my first term than I did at the end. And during the two terms, I had two years there, I completely lost my confidence and my virginity.’

Orton and Halliwell did not excel at RADA and neither enjoyed their time there. Halliwell had a particularly difficult time and was not liked by his fellow students. Balding and older than the other students, his studious air of superiority alienated him from his younger more talented classmates.

Upon graduation, Orton was awarded a Diploma and Halliwell the lesser Certificate of Merit, which meant while he had passed, he was not considered to have met RADA’s high standards.

After a short and unsuccessful stint in regional repertory theatre, Halliwell acting in Llandudno and Orton working as a stage manager in Ipswich, both returned to London. Their plans had changed. All ambitions of becoming actors were cast aside and they devoted their energies to becoming successful writers.

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